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Re: Adressing someone as Sensei?

There is a guy at my job who constantly calls me sensei....I find it mildly annoying...

The fellow in the post above me... yeah sometimes I call him sensei. Mostly when I need to get his attention in a busy class or to indicate to someone new who is the fellow in charge. The rest of the time I call him Garth.

I like that about our dojo. The teachers are just fellow students who are much further along the path. I think it makes it a lot easier to feel good about approaching them to ask questions or ask for help. There is no barrier there but there is also no doubt at all as to who makes the decisions and in in charge of things.

I often see questions asked here on the forums, and I wonder why it is they didn't ask their teacher. I wonder if the title sensei has something to do with it. Maybe they feel that their question is too small and unimportant for someone with such a "title "?

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