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Re: Why no tsuba?

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Whenever real swords are mentioned you enter the field of battle
Not true. After the establishment of the Shogunate (1600 AD), there was very little large scale combat in Japan. Rather, swords were much more likely to be used for personal self-defense: on the street, in one's home, or in social disputes.

Real swords however is a side issue for it is obvious that if I say no tsuba then I am talking bokken for you can't get a real sword without one.
If you don't consider real swords relevant to your bokken practice, then exactly what are you studying?

On your second point of hands becoming a target well you say it as if that's bad. I would say that's good 'strategy.' I would also say that bokken sliding down bokken is the result of bad movement. So we differ there, thats fine.
"Good" from the point of view of the attacker, "bad" from the point of view of the person whose hands are exposed. And I would say that understanding bokken-to-bokken sliding is essential, and wonder, again, exactly what you're studying if you don't think so.

Personally, and I emphasize personally, I would say I see no other reason for it. Also personally I would say that a person pushing themself to their limits includes the point I made on control rather than excuses losing it for losing it shows beyond their limits so those who boast of such things thinking it's something good I can but smile.
*shrug* Your practice, your choice.