Thread: Why no tsuba?
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Re: Why no tsuba?

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Woah, so what's that? Active aggressive? It appears your tongue is a sword and it needs a tsuba. You seem to want to prove how you must have and use a tsuba.

The op is why no tsuba. When you can give such possible reasons then we can talk.
I'm not really interested in talking to you, to be honest. You started out in this thread judging something you don't know about. When your assertions were refuted, you tried to move the goalposts. When called on that, you blame others. You continually insult and belittle others, cloaking your insults and sneers in newage aphorisms and faux-zel platitudes, and no matter how many times this is pointed out to you, you persist in this incivil behavior. No, I really am not interested in talking to you.