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Re: dojos with no kyu advancement or promotion?

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Just talking to my pal around here, he trained at a Uni once, and confirmed no grading in the dojo, and some students have been training for three years or so....this is probably some sort of branching off the real dojo, i.e. no grading/kyu levels somehow....
I'm guessing this was because the instructor was not a shidoin, maybe not affiliated with any federation, or if so did not have credentials to grant rank. I don't think this is uncommon in university clubs, and generally it's not a big deal, because most students don't stay with it long enough for it to be an issue.

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In general, is there a technical benefit in kyu advancement, as opposed to just "learning"?
Not in and of itself. But if rank is granted by someone who is credentialed to grant rank, and that person in turn is responsible to a teacher or a federation for upholding certain standards, and you consider those standards worthwhile, there can be. It's a quality control thing, sort of.

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I have seen the belt value pop up many times, and am not sure why it became so important (I myself would love to be 1st dan, but I am not sure why
If you're not sure why, it's probably because you see it as a status thing. If it helps, the status attached to shodan is really not that great.
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