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Re: Why no tsuba?

Lastly on your final point I will say this. Doing things based on accidents happen to me is merely a reflection of current unbudolike society. It sounds so reasonable yet can be unknowingly detrimental.
Sure, and living in a safe neighborhood can have the same effect, but I doubt you'd suggest we should all live in Compton, CA, or move to Afghanistan. The question to my mind isn't whether taking the safer road is more lazy, it's "what's the purpose being engaged?" Every facet of our behavior "ought" ideally have a purpose/reason to it. For example, practicing without tsuba is lazy if you haven't taken the time to replace your rubberband thingy (technical term ).
At my school we've done a kind of kirikaeshi which made me very greatful for that piece of wood. Since we didn't know which techniques we would be working on, it was much easier just to leave it on. Plus, I'm of the opinion that it's generally better to develop a good feeling for using bokuto with it on since it can feel constraining if you're not used to it (in my case at least). My personal view is that I should be able to operate the bokuto without having to "choke up on the stick."

In this case it would stop your hand slipping onto the blade.
This doesn't fit with my understanding of how grip should work...but then again, accidents do happen!

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