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Soft vs hard (correct?) kote gaeshi?

Hi all,

While reading the (very nice) book "The Structure of AIKIDO" by Gaku Homma, I stumbled upon a note on kote gaeshi (pag. 50 if you have the book), in which it is explained that twisting the wrist away from your partner's body, he or she can react with a break fall, or even an attach e.g. with a high round kick.

Doing it the correct way on the other hand i.e. twisting the hand (wrist) toward the body of your partner, it is actually very difficult for Uke to make a brak fall.

So, does it mean we are taught kote gaeshi in a soft form, exactly for the purpose of not injurying our Aikido partners (and for the sake of being able to practice it), as a real "correct" kote gaeshi would very likely break Uke's wrist?


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