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As a beginner, I do not understand. What is correct feeling? I went and read a few of Ron's blog as you suggested and it appears to be an end point, a goal. However, I don't understand what it is. Perhaps this is because I have yet to feel it. But if and when I do how will I know?
Hi David -

Correct feeling is an end point, of sorts. That is, you never reach a point where you can say, "ah ha I have correct feeling, now what?" Developing and strengthening correct feeling is an ongoing process. We have specific exercises, most of which were handed down to us by Maruyama sensei from Tohei sensei, some we have developed on our own, designed to teach the student how to develop coordination of mind and body (the source of correct feeling). From repeated practice of the exercises and being tested the student learns to identify correct feeling based on results.

Many Aikido people believe that the exclusive practice of technique over a period of time will engender the type of internal organization that we'd define as correct feeling. Since I have never trained in that manner, I've always mixed Ki development with technique training, I can't voice an informed opinion in that regard.

My blog, being as it is, a personal recollection of my own training and not a how to manual, does contain some specific exercises you can do on your own or with a partner to get an idea of what correct feeling is.

Keep training.



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