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Re: Spiritual Power

I will just throw this out there in case there is someone for whom it might be of value.

We are men and women of Budo here and that should mean that we are practical people. I think I can safely say that no matter the venue the question is, "Does this produce a real and practical result in the observable world and is that result one I value?"
Does your physical practice?
Does your technical practice?
Does your mental practice?
Does your spiritual practice?

I can't but think Ueshiba's results were a product of this kind of ongoing questioning from the moment he met Takeda and said, "I want some of that." I think this because he taught someone who taught someone who taught me. Sometimes you have to look your friend in the eye and ask, "How's that working out for you, really?"

How is Aikido™ (Aiki V3.3JPN) working out for you?

-Doug Walker
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