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Lee Salzman
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Re: Focal points for solo training

Ernesto Lemke wrote: View Post
Hi Dan,

Of course I knew the redundancy of my question regarding the difference in body skill. It's just that I wonder whether that fact will bring about change on the part of the non-believers, non-interested, whatever you wish to name it.
Will it bring about change? For sure.  I'm just curious how. Looking for example where I live, Holland, there seems really very little interest in IT. Aikido dojo and organizations are scattered into many fractions and sub fractions and... sigh, I don't know of any big names interested in this stuff. At least none signed up for  neither the first nor second seminar and I don't recall any people of high rank (sorry Piet-not you) at Ark's seminar either. So, at least on this part of the globe the 'revolution' seems far faaaaar away.

It'd be great as Hugh describes to see how people who where exposed to this from day one will evolve. Like Hugh, I can't go back in time neither so my also 20 years in is something I can't erase. Maybe talk some more in a couple of years. 

@Lee: I want to reply to your post but I just don't know how. Sorry. Appreciate the effort, just not sure what to make of it.
Hah, no worries, I violated my own one-paragraph-hit-and-run-post policy. Old habits die hard.

Dunno, though, once you start seeing what people can be do within the realm of body conditioning, how can someone not be interested in it? Just seems a lack of exposure to good material and familiarity with the results of it.

And the revolution isn't so far on this side of the globe, it just looks different. I am "stuck" in Finland right now, yet there is a lot of interesting stuff going on here behind closed-doors and outside of them. It just requires a perspective shift. Lots of good CMA players and oddballs around these parts. Okay, so it's not gonna be aikido, but that just means the fun work of reinvention is up to you.
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