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Dan, is this what you call a discussion?

I think a discussion involves minds that are open. I think in involves 2 or more parties that give and take.

When I read your writings I don't always understand them yet I am open to their possibilites. I don't need to make them wrong or to poke fun.

Do you even own a hakama?
Geez...Well what's wrong with humor to make a point.
Take a poll and see how many would prefer actual words that impart physical changes that work every time compared to concepts that lack definition and by your own admission leave people to search for the feeling in practice. I can produce correct feeling at will under high stress with totally uncooperative people and teach people how to do it.....with words.

We are probably not arguing what you think correct feeling is but rather how to develop it and more importantly how well it gets developed.

I own three Hakama and hate wearing them.

Since we are on the topic. Your founder by his own words and the words of his son stated his budo informed his spirituality. His own words layed out a map of six direction awareness, heaven/earth/man, oppossing spiral energy, and breath power. How do you utilize that for correct feeling in line with your founders seminal work?
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