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Re: Spiritual Power

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
We could call it "The twenty year technique of stumbling around trying to find, or discover and reproduce a feeling"...instead of using accurate teaching models with words and concepts to replicate it over and over, person to person, that have been around for generations.
I don't see how withholding information or not having any at all is spiritual. Isn't spirituality about enlightment? I'd rather enlighten people searching by showing them..or at least give them a candle.
"Move your insides!!"
"I just did after coffee this morning! Did you mean something else? I dunno it felt correct to me at the time.
There is a better way to communicate what is a classic model that produces correct feeling, Mary.
Dan, is this what you call a discussion?

I think a discussion involves minds that are open. I think in involves 2 or more parties that give and take.

When I read your writings I don't always understand them yet I am open to their possibilites. I don't need to make them wrong or to poke fun.

Do you even own a hakama?

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