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Re: Spiritual Power

Ha, ha. Funny how correct feeling keeps going on this spiritual thread.

I like it. Maybe if I take your attention off of the word correct and more onto feeling.

Physically you can touch and thus feel. Spiritually you can pervade, reach, connect with and thus feel. So spiritually you have this ability whether you are used to it or not.

Physically you cannot see or feel principles but spiritually you can.

So now let me take you into the field of acting, good actors. They can create a whole charachter and be it. They can create emotions and display them for real. Isn't that interesting? For they can also throw that emotion away, turn it on or off at will.

Now spiritually you can do this with your own emotions too. You can feel an emotion physically but that is the result of the emotion that you feel. Spiritually you can feel it and change it.

When you feel a negative emotion or let's say an unwanted feeling how do you feel? Would you like to get rid of it?

Well spiritually you can let it go to centre and dissappear at which point you will feel good. Correct feeling cause by correct action.

Thus the two are connected both if you are talking physically or spiritually or even mentally.

A student holding another in Aikido could be asked how do you feel? He may say uncomfortable, he may say a bit wary of his other hand for I think he can hit me. Thus incorrect feeling. Thus that alone can tell him something is out, something is amiss. Now the teacher corrects the hold or positioning and asks again how do you feel. Now he feels good. Correct feeling. Once again the two go together.

It's goes with correct movement, correct positioning, correct application, correct distance, etc. But even though it is the result of such therefore it is the best teacher.

Correct feeling is always a good feeling.

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