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Adressing someone as Sensei?

my dojo hasn't been around for too long so most of the students are mudansha. I've been asked by Sensei to teach the class now and then so the students may be getting the feeling that I'm something like assistant professor.. and when they found out that we're going to take the shodan exam next January,(there'll be about 5 people taking the exam) they started asking whether they should address us as Sensei if we passed the exam.. because even though there're only 2 other yudansha other than Sensei, they're also being adressed as Sensei even though they're not official instructor (one of them is the dojo's administrator, the other one is the branch dojo cho)..

when do you guys start addressing other people as Sensei? in a mudansha-populated dojo, do you address all yudansha in your dojo as Sensei or sempai? I feel that being a Sensei puts a very heavy burden on my back and somehow it makes us more distant... what do you think?

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