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Didn't have time to write that the underpinnings of what aiki does to your mind/body infused and infomred his spiritual views, as was noted by his son and other biographers. It wasn't till recently we got to read that those underpinnings were in fact deeply rooted in his Daito ryu and his research into the Chinese classics. Those two -just like his physical and spiritual training blended and became one.

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In that case what part of what you do would you call spiritual?

That is a very good question, Graham. and I take it very seriously and deeply. It shows itself in a more profound way in what I do and who I am in person. A critical difference though, is my budo did not infuse and inform my spirituality, but rather the other way round. And it is why I admire Ueshiba and what he did with his arts, and why I changed the focus of my arts dramatically as well. It also did something to the execution of them personally that many find profound and only I know why.
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