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This is not a "let's convince Mary" thread. This is a thread about "spiritual power". Mary has stated that she's content in her training and I think we should respect that. So, can we get back to the subject of the thread?
i am right with you there. no point in convince folks who do not want to be convinced, so let it be. do is a path for seeker. those have found, no longer seek. it's us lowlife who keep looking for things.... things to make us go....

anyone know what this spiritual thing? would one know it if one has it? or would one know it if one has not it? although in asia, when you mention spiritual it tends to be along the line of ghost and dead people. i had not seen ghost (and yes i walked through a couple cemeteries in the dead of the night many times ... don't ask) of any kind. i had seen lots of dead people, so would that still considered as spiritual, even though, there were no ghost? of course i came from a culture that is in to the ancestor worshiping. we believed that the spirits of our ancestors hang around us and occasionally give us a kick in the rear-end for doing stupid thing like posting about ki and aiki on aikiweb. * oooowwwww ok grand dad! i'll keep my posting down,.... really... i will... but they made me! sorry, got to go! *
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