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Because I am not lacking anything. I am content in my training.
To be content with your training is one thing, to be satisfied with the content of your training is to stop learning. To continue to learn in a private setting is very possible and an approach that works for some period of time, but will for most....... like the over drawn well run dry. We all need a jump start at some time.....maybe even watching someone work will give you direction. Crossing hands or grabbing wrists helps even more.

The problem remains that most of us when we step out step out with someone we feel comfortable with, who thinks like we do or moves in directions we like to go. When we take risks we take little risks and make sure we are hidden in crowd at large seminars. In this setting we can go back to our general training when it isn't comfortable and no one calls us out.

You don't know me, it is not likely we will ever train together me being on the left coast and at my age I am sure we will never meet. Having said that ........Contentment is ok and no one, especially Dan, would deny you that. Dan is reasonably close to you and it you can get him to come up do it. He may seem a little rough around the edges, but he is a good guy and has a lot to offer. If you have your mechanics down, have your structure together and can move your body reasonably well, what Dan offers will add substance and an effortlessness to what you do, what you can do even when the other person is not helping. Give him a a setting with few folks to get in the way.

If you ever come out to Southern California give me advanced notice and if I can I'll try to introduce you to some other interesting characters out here that have things to offer in the aiki area......
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