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Re: Spiritual Power

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I replied kiddo. I really did. And I am very consistent in private and in public. We all know of those folks that are awful and down right ugly in private, and I am not one of them. And sharing for me is what it is all about. I want to be very clear that I do not consider myself an authority. I know that you know people who train with me and I am sure they have conveyed what I am like on a mat. I refuse all vestige of authority, or sensei, or anything else that would place me above anyone. I would be surprised if you can find someone who would offer that view of me.

I agree with that. As for throwing, how about not throwing at all, but someone cannot apply power or will or affect you in any way because with aiki, they are neutralized on contact? Is that a competition?
Why do you throw people? Isn't that you redirecting their will?
Than you just competed with them for their will.

I don't feel like I am imposing my will on my uke. I blend with their energy and most often they end up on the mat. We agree to practice that way. Sometimes we practice with full resistance but not in an atmosphere of someone winning.

My impression of authority comes from how you post. You say this is right and this is wrong. And we both know that if you are giving a class you are already leading people's minds. The person who is considered the teacher starts with with a sense of knowing. It is implied, otherwise why would people be going to see you.

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