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Re: Where did O-Sensei get his sword training?

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I have to say, with great respect for the research you've done, it's still important to remember we are piecing together bits and pieces from the available evidence and there's more about the lives of both men that we don't know than that we do. It's very different to say "There's no evidence for him studying X" than to say "He never studied X." I know you know that, but the distinction gets lost in discussion.
That's arguing a negative. Stan has pretty much documented and cross referenced every year of his life and who he was with. It leaves little to apparently very active imaginations, who want to keep adding.
Kisshomaru has it:
That Ueshiba was already so profound a martial artist that on their meeting, Takeda could sense his skill as they passed by each other in the corridor. And thus they met as equals.
Yoshida has it:
That he introduced Ueshiba to Takeda and that later Ueshiba was crying in the corner from fear of Takeda's skills.
Kisshomaru said:
Ueshiba also did Daito ryu too- among a host of things he supposedly trained.
Stan proved: for some strange reason, liked studying with an equal.....for 23 years. And when he opened his doors to teach, taught Daito ryu for 16 + years.
Hey, whatever floats their boat or makes their myth work.
I find a striking disparity between Ueshiba stating that "Takeda opened my eyes to true Budo", and Kisshomaru implying they met as equals.
There is a lot of nonsense surrounding the Aikikai's colorful version of events- which some apologists say we need to understand contextually- that it was okay to lie. It was a writing style.

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