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Re: Spiritual Power

Mary, I am not saying effort isn't valid. Learning anything takes effort and therefore without effort nothing can be gained.

When I get philosophical about study and practice to any students be they Aikido or maths or art, it doesn't matter, I tell them to go and look up the root meaning of the word study.

In one dictionary it said effort, in another applying oneself to learning from the original 'eagerness;

So I say study is the effort towards learning. It's all a cycle with a desired end result.

Now that feeling which comes with concentrated effort, continued concentrated effort, as that part of the cycle could also be called correct feeling.

It reminds me of a time I saw a student not applying himself properly, not giving full attention, in a class by Kanetsuka Sensei.

It resulted in him being hit square in the chest by a flying wooden tanto accompanied by the word 'Zanshin!'

So you remind me that there are a few correct feelings to be adhered to on the way to the one that works every time. Thank you.

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