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Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
But whether one views such spiritual teachings as instructional or merely mythological does rather depend on one's religious beliefs, doesn't it? Do you mean to argue that one must adhere to Omoto-kyo in order to draw spiritual benefits from aikido?

HI Katherine. NO I do not mean one has to adhere to Omoto beliefs, to draw spiritual benifit from Aikido. I am simply saying, O`sensei believed (because that is the way he himself had been guided from childhood), that training the spirit and putting that first, then ki/internal/mental power e.t.c, and finally to a lesser degree physicl power, is the proper way to progress,spiritually. He believed in his spiritual training, do you believe in yours? Thats is why I believe O`sensei would say, "go find out for yourself", because nobody can give you faith in what you do, but truly you!

Is this not what we teach and train, drop the power, embrace your opponent like a welcome guest and send him on his way. Be free.

This is why Aikidio Illumiates religions, because most religions follow this pattern. Thus it IS possible for the religions of the world to unite and stop fighting if only they truly understand this principle. Would this not be harmony?

To Graham,
Thank you, I have read and enjoyed this latest post and disagree with some of the really, negative posts put against you. Direct pointing to the mind, whilst looking at the refection of the moon, on the rippling surface. Peace Brother.

In Budo,

Andy B
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