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Graham, there are a lot of times when I do something and plenty of effort is involved, yet I don't see it as "incorrect" because of that.

Mary, I'm sorry that you don't see the sense of what I'm saying. It may be that we have mutually incomprehensible world views, but if so, it IS a matter of world view, not understanding of aikido.

I had an interesting conversation with my sensei last night (those couple of minutes of hakama-folding and dojo-tidying are often the occasion for some really cool conversations, I've found). I said to him that the common view of mathematicians and scientists was contrary to what I'd experienced. People who don't have a math or science background often seem to think that mathematicians and scientists are people who have to have everything defined, ordered, labeled and numbered. In fact, the opposite is true. The scientific method has certain requirements in order to make valid conclusions, it's true...but in my experience, mathematicians and scientists spend more time venturing into the unknown than just about anyone else, and they do so (again in my experience) with a humble spirit, seeking to increase understanding but also acknowledging that they don't know and may never know. They live with a lot more uncertainty than many people who dwell in stereotypically fuzzy realms, and they accept that uncertainty and are humble in the face of it -- while many people who come from fields like philosophy or religion seem much more rigid in their need for certainty and definition.

(not that it matters but my sensei is director of a science museum...end digression)
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