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Re: Spiritual Power

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
The crux of the matter is for better tools to help each other and our students. Correct feeling is only a hidden teacher because we don't know what it was that we just did to produce that magic feeling...that sucks dude BTDT! Having a good night at the dojo or a bad night and not knowing exactly what failed or succeeded won't do anymore. That magic is teachable and replicable. I've not met the human being that didn't say ...Oh! Show me that again. Wow, that's awesome. I can do it too."
No one has ever said to me..." I would rather keep on guessing and searching for correct feeling."

And for the record, Graham correct feeling requires both yin and yang (in/ yo) present at all times. It really isn't a ..."whatever" at all.
"Sensei why is it we cannot do what you do?
Because you do not understand in yo!"

By definition, everything else is guesswork and cannot be his Aiki.
Dan. It shows you do agree in principle then.

I have never met anyone who didn't have the response you mention either.

The crux of the matter is as you say so I have no disagreement there. A method that can be understood and replicated by the student.

As for yin and yang it's quite obvious that's all part of Aikido and is equated as such by most who do or don't do Aikido in my experience.

When I first reached the point of knowing without a shadow of doubt how to tie my shoelaces then I experienced correct feeling. I could confidently apply it to any pair of shoes in the world.

Before I could do this then my feelings towards tying my shoelaces was somewhat different.

Yin and yang, a broad subject, no doubt has many stages of learning and applying and thus many stages of correct feeling. The final one I would say would be enlightenment.

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