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Cady Goldfield
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Searching for "correct feeling" is like being given a unique and delicious cake, but not the recipe. You're left to try to parse out the nuances of flavor and texture on your own, without a hint (except, maybe "Keep trying to mix stuff together. Do it for 40 years... eventually you'll get the right formula!). If you're worldly and have tasted many different ingredients in your travels, you might be able to figure out some of the contents. But the precise ingredients and process will elude you.

Some people may savor the experience of spending a lifetime trying to figure it out for themselves -- or in a group of people stumbling through the dark together for a lifetime, in search of those "correct feelings" -- but most of us wish for a teacher who knows the way and is willing to show us. I'd take a proffered flashlight over a slog through the dark anyday!

P.S. A little unsolicited, but earnest, advice: Go to London and play! You'll get a recipe for a really killer cake.
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