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May I interject here. I have stated I like that principle of correct feeling.

I think it is very important not only in Aikido but in life also for it teaches you to differentiate and be honest with yourself.

To act off of incorrect feeling is not very wise in my opinion.

So what is correct feeling?

O.K. Let's get honest here. When you do a move or technique that was so good, so effortless, so right, almost perfectly executed complete with desired result then how do you feel?

That feeling is special. That feeling is what you desire every time. That feeling is correct feeling.

Therefore it is a good principle to follow for it tells you if everything was aligned properly or not.

Correct feeling is therefore a result of.

Correct feeling is the hidden teacher.
The crux of the matter is for better tools to help each other and our students. Correct feeling is only a hidden teacher because we don't know what it was that we just did to produce that magic feeling...that sucks dude BTDT! Having a good night at the dojo or a bad night and not knowing exactly what failed or succeeded won't do anymore. That magic is teachable and replicable. I've not met the human being that didn't say ...Oh! Show me that again. Wow, that's awesome. I can do it too."
No one has ever said to me..." I would rather keep on guessing and searching for correct feeling."

This in no way detracts from what others have said here for whether it takes yin or yang or whatever to achieve this it is still a valid and in fact essential principle in my estimation.
And for the record, Graham correct feeling requires both yin and yang (in/ yo) present at all times. It really isn't a ..."whatever" at all.
"Sensei why is it we cannot do what you do?
Because you do not understand in / yo!"

By definition, everything else is guesswork and cannot be his Aiki.
I'll be in London on the weekend of 23rd. Frid., Sat., and Sun. Come on by and play.

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