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@ Dan: We train from different places. Thank you for your corrections. You may be right about everything.

I believe there is no in competition in Aikido. It is a fundamental difference in where we are coming from. Your arguments to me are like comparing apples and oranges.

Enjoy your path. Please don't confuse my pathetic attempts to talk about correct feeling with people who are looking to argue about everything with my teaching methods. If you want to complain about them at least experience them first.
I've tried several times....when can I come?
I am not complaining, Mary. I think there is a better way for all of us to communicate and understand together what is.
I do disagree about the competition model. There is right and wrong in the world. 2+2 does not equal 7, so teaching that it does is simply wrong.

If O sensei was talking about specific things, then we should at least be doing those things in his art. One could really state that...
"If we don't know what he said and what it means, than no matter what we think we are doing, it cannot be correct feeling... by definition it can be nothing more than guess work!"
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