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I am not sure how this got be something that I tell my students. It is a process to devolop correct feeling. For me, correct feeling was at first a fleeting feeling and it grew as I learned to trust the feeling and myself.I am not flippant nor disrespecful of anyone's process. If you noticed that was said with a self dreprecating chuckle.
It has to do with the fact that "correct feeling" is as meaningless a term as incorrect feeling. There is a feeling that is a real thing that can be taught with definitive words so that people don't stumble around searching for some feeling that may feel and mean something different to them than their neighbor.
There is a well established model for what moving from center is and how to connect the body so it connects and controls those who connect to you. What is more important is that the quality of it needs to be cultivated and trained to be more profound and to handle more stress.
What do you do to grow someone's abilities and power? Tell someone to feel even more correct feeling?
I prefer to use real world models and words that charge the mind and affect the body. Moreover, I would bet, hands down that it is is a superior method and that people who train it get results faster, and are more effective, both short term and in the long run.
Searching for correct feeling is about as good advice as Move your insides.
I don't know where or how we budo people all got afraid to say or challenge that one method is better than another. And everyone got all sensitive. Success used to be lauded as a measure the world used for generations. Now you have to apologize for it and lie and say that everyone is equal so as not to hurt someone's...feelings.
When Ueshiba..the teacher you follow... showed up on the scene, he was weighed, measured, challenged and judged and graded. No one got all sensitive and said We're all equal. Don't say what I am doing is not as good as you. Instead they said "Screw this ...what are you doing to do that to me?"

The Japanese have not helped us very much with this type of random, ill defined, steal this technique idea. Whether purposefully or by incompetence or both-("Don't teach white people, and this is our Japanese cultural heritage are real quotes) we need to do better for each other.
Since we now know that Ueshiba himself was using defined physical models that have a rock solid pedagogy that worked to produce power and aiki for generations, and whether by accident or on purpose curiously were never translated for us to read...we should at the very least be using his terms.
Six directions
Opposing spiral energy
Yin and yang on opposite sides of the body
The five bows

Searching for correct feeling will no longer do in the face of the man who defined his own art's methods for us.
We can do better for each other, than what has been done in his name.

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