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I am not sure how this got be something that I tell my students.
Fair enough -- your statement was a general observation and didn't have anything to do with teaching.

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
It is a process to devolop correct feeling. For me, correct feeling was at first a fleeting feeling and it grew as I learned to trust the feeling and myself.I am not flippant nor disrespecful of anyone's process. If you noticed that was said with a self dreprecating chuckle.
So, call it a digression...maybe I should start another thread, somewhere other than the Spiritual forum? Anyway, my thought was that when we do get into a teaching context, or anywhere that an explanation is asked for, I'd really like to see us do a whole lot better than "when you have it, you know it". Because even when it is true, it sounds like one of those cheezy Master Po aphorisms that Phi mentioned, and it certainly can be used as such. No matter how ethereal the topic, I think it's imperative to avoid these obfuscating cliches. They really don't help anything.
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