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Re: The point of aikido osae

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However that said, in practise I always say we practise for the opponent that is a tad bit better than we are, so we have to work hard to get things right.
i believed this is where koryu model worked better. if my understanding is correct, in koryu, uke usually was the teacher or senior person, which meant uke was better. and as the senior person, uke knew when, where and how to resist or comply to the pin to teach nage the right way and the wrong way; yet as the same time can protect himself/herself from overly excited nage. however, aikido model, at the moment, isn't the case. i kinda like the systema approach; they just hit you wherever you try to resist. that's another thing. aikido folks don't like to hit folks when they are down. rolling around with the systema folks and they will dispel that notion in a hurry. quite enlightening experience.
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