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Re: Spiritual Power

Phi Truong wrote: View Post
Jon, what is there not to understand? it's power and spiritual. incidentally, i don't understand them myself. maybe we just don't have the right kind of spiritual stuffs. i guess i'll see you in a week to exchange some power, then afterward we go to the local pub and exchange some spirits. i think we could convince Ledyard sensei to come along for the spiritual exchange.
I am completely planning to increase my spirit-uality next week. Weapons, drinking... what is there not to look forward too?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
It's all in your first sentence Jon. So either you haven't read the thread properly or you're playing games.

Now having pointed that out I will say I like most if your explanation.

My first sentence was, "I am not sure I understand the thread." Seriously, I do not understand your point. I do not think you are claiming that spiritual power is bad, correct?
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