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Re: Spiritual Power

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
People often fear what they don't understand...

One of the really transformational experiences for me in aikido (so far) was realizing that I actually *had* power -- something women in particular are conditioned not to believe -- and that having power brought the responsibility of learning when and how to use it.

Similarly, that's one downside of denying the existence/importance of power: it can easily be an excuse for irresponsible behavior.

Ahh, at last I see the reason for your reaction to what I say. Time for differenciation methinks.

You will find I have stated before, in fact recently, that one of the main reasons for teaching Aikido is to empower people.

What I hoped to achieve with this thread was to get people to stop blindly using the word power without thoroughly inspecting what it means. I even point out how desirable and attractive it is to ego and and how those blindly yet determinedly setting about getting into positions of power may arrive there with no useful ability.

It is not power that should be aimed for it is the truth of what it means and what goes with it.

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