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Re: Spiritual Power

Jon Reading wrote: View Post
I am not sure I understand the thread. The title alludes to a definition of spiritual power, yet Graham then asserts that power is bad. It would therefore reason that spiritual power would also be bad based upon the presumption power is bad. However, I do not think that was the intended assertion.

Taking this into consideration... Power has neither positive nor negative connotation, in spiritual or any form. Graham has chosen to socially define power and assign a negative connotation to the social definition.

For me, the term "power" refers to the quality with which to bring about an effect. For some reason, power is a bad word in aikido. For me, aikido is about the stewardship of power in our own bodies. Aikido is about learning to use the power within our bodies, share it with others and use it to accomplish good things in this world. The morality of the term is derived from the application of power, a decision which rests in the hands of the individual.

To that extent, spiritual power is simply the quality and ability to use your spirituality to bring about some effect... Or, strangle star destroyer captains at random intervals...

I do not know why we are so scared of power as to transform the very term into a pejorative.
It's all in your first sentence Jon. So either you haven't read the thread properly or you're playing games.

Now having pointed that out I will say I like most if your explanation.

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