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Phil Van Treese
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Re: Belt color importance

In My dojo we go white, yellow, green, 3 degrees of brown (sankyu to Ikkyu) and black. It shows progression and the students feel proud of an achievement they have done. My students don't have an ego problem with their rank other than trying to help out others----as it should be. I can remember 1 time at a seminar where I was trying to help another lower ranking black belt. When I tried to help him, he got a little arrogant and said that he'll do it his way. To that response I just asked him politely if he would mind if I laughed at his technique that he was doing. Didn't have a problem with him until the break. When he arrogantly asked me to randori, I accepted. I had fun but he didn't. Never saw him again either. There is only 1 attitude to have in aikido---a good one willing to help others. Rank means zilch but skill and character are everything. Rank doesn't back up your knowledge-----knowledge backs up your rank. Your character speaks the loudest of all.
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