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Re: Aiki Ken and Ken justu

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Kokyu is one of these. We never used the word when I was training in shindo muso, but it seems to me that when people talk about "kokyu", they're talking about the...what to call it? tension? mutual presence? I hate to say "connection", because that gets people thinking right away about a physical connection, and in jodo, the moments of actual physical connection were mostly fleeting -- yet for the entirety of the kata, there was this thing between you and your opponent, and God help you if you screwed it up.
I think that would be musubi, (like in Ki musubi no tachi).

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
And "blending", that's another. We never talked about "blending". We talked about taking openings, responding to techniques, etc. I think the martial roots of aikido must have had this in mind when talking about "blending", rather than some ethereal let's-all-dance-together-in-harmony becoming one with the universe. But I don't have any idea if any of that is true.
The aikiken/aikijo Iīve learned talks about openings, responding to techniques and rather use awase as method to exploit openings.

I actually think that the version of aikiken/aikijo I learned is logically sound in itīs own universe, it just halters when compared to better stuff. But I would say more or less the same thing regarding the taijutsu.
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