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Re: Kotegaeshi: hand or wrist?

in Tomiki's Aikido when we talk about kote gaeshi we also have to talk about kote hineri. Kote gaeshi is bringing the body into a backward kuzushi position, kote hineri is a forward kuzushi position. For us, kote geashi and kote hineri are not throws, but movements to create kuzushi, and after kuzushi we can apply nage-waza, katame-waza, kansetsu waza or atemi waza (as a throw).
Kote gaeshi and kote hineri are movements with a chain reaction in the body. Doing kote gaeshi alone on the "kote" is not practical and can be countered very easy. Without kuzushi no throw or other technique.
This we know from doing randori.

Just a Tomiki view.

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