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Re: Discussion of Spirituality from an Aikido Perspective.

I have been taught the distinction between attacker (uke) and partner (aite). Uke is the one you encounter in combat; the one that wants to kill you. Aite is a trainingspartner willing to help you understand technique and allows for 'some space' (openings, timing, relaxation) for purpose of training. Off course aite becomes tougher and tougher when you progress.
Hence we always say when you meet uke, kill him. He has no purpose to help you at all (he does what he does without adaptation to you for training purposes).
At higher level the distinction fades...ultimately disappears completely.

I asked because you said: uke is always right. In my understanding of uke I agree with you on this. But when you mean as aite (trainingspartner) I disagree. In practise you work together to make the technique work (globally) and progressively aite makes it harder. It is aite's responsibility to allow for tori to practise properly and challenge him.

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In a real fight:
* If you make a bad decision, you die.
* If you don't decide anything, you die.
Aikido teaches you how to decide.
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