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Re: Aiki Ken and Ken justu

Seen on the whole as opposed to individual anecdotes of select teachers:

The principles of aiki- as discussed by Ueshiba-and their relevance to the generation of aiki by sustaining in/yo is immediate, practical, mechanical and almost mundane.

The so called "principles of Aiki" by those that re-invented Aikido, seem to have no relevance within the framework of the traditional martial arts. Their weapons use is as divorced from the traditional model as their empty hand arts. From a classical perspective of in yo, and moving from center; Aikido and aiki-weapons seem distinctly modern and more akin to the understanding seen in sports.
I suspect that just as his own students did not understand his discussions and mistranslated them, they did not understand how he generated aiki his movement either, and mistranslated that as well.
Kono: Sensei why is it we cannot do what you do?
Ueshiba: Because you do not understand In yo ho.

I would say that power in and of itself is no evidence of anything meaningful. Killing with classical weapons requires little power. It is far more important to understand how to wield them powerfully...with as little power as needed. over a prolonged period of time, under stress. This is best done internally and externally by developing a bujutsu body through in yo ho.

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