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Re: Aiki Ken and Ken justu

Hello Allen,

Have you ever come across the phrase 論議の花を咲かせる: rongi no hana wo sakaseru: to let the flowers of argument bloom? It is a very important part of Japanese meetings and of AikiWeb discussions. This thread is a good example.



Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Oh yeah, just a thought . . .

If Aiki Ken, Jo, and Taijutusu have no martial veracity and are not meant to have any martial veracity but specifically intended to illustrate the commonly known (soon I'll know too I hope) "Principles of Aiki," then it follows that Aikido would have no martial veracity unless of course the "Principles of Aiki" were had martial veracity.

It occurs to me that this observation would kill all "is Akido an effective martial art" threads and the fact that the "Principles of Aiki" are well known should kill many others as well.

It would at least answer a lot of common questions.

P A Goldsbury
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