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Re: Spiritual Power

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
Semantics demand proper context. When context is not clear to readers that causes discussion where one should not really be required. Allthough sometimes playing around with words will provide insight (hence your remark on not using the word power).
Unfortunately communicating with the written word live on a forum will always be 'not understood' or misconstrued by some so the fact that context is king doesn't mean it won't lead to others saying they don't understand or having opposing views.

Behind what anyone says on here is a viewpoint. A point from which they are viewing. So rather than assuming people are stupid and need to learn how to transmit better with words, for I'm sure the writers know that, it is more a matter of responsibility of the reader to duplicate the viewpoint and then agree or disagree or discuss.

Thus responsibility lies once again on both sides of the coin.

Any good teacher knows this. I merely present an understanding.

Some get it right away, some don't. Thus I put the understanding into another context. It's normal procedure rather than right or wrong or indeed playing with words.

Then we come to the important bits of what is being said. You can acknowledge them or dismiss them and thus be off track on the topic.

In this thread the important points were the use of the word power and that needs context in itself. Then the point of ego loves the concept of power. Then the point that you can throw away the word altogether and learn something. The central point being that spiritually, transcending the normal view, power takes on altogether a different meaning and for me the word itself dissappears.

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