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Re: Discussion of Spirituality from an Aikido Perspective.

Thanks Don,
I liked the clarity of purpose that your framework presented. With a good solid framework such as the one you have presented, I think it will definately help to achieve goals and get to a deeper level of understanding.

There does seems to be some common ground between your points and the condensed forms where I suggested a commonality in what spiritual practices and MA require from us: from a starting point of tradition, formality and practice they:
require mindful awareness
require us to be present / fully engaged in the moment
require concentration and contemplation
require us to extend intuitive attention to our bodies and our surroundings
in the case of MA there is also a complex interplay between uke and nage

In terms of your framework, Would I be correct in assuming that none of these things actually change the way in which the waza is performed (outwardly), but act to change the intent and perseptions behind the movement. Which then in turn changes the way it manifests and feels to both parties?

Understanding how concious intent effects physical reality is a really interesting area of study, quantum physics is beginning to brige the gap from a scientific viewpoint.

Incidentally what I suggested using Unbendable arm as an example, was not intended as a simple metaphor is was intended as a demonstration of a directly learned experience from physcial waza extracted and directly apllied to a metaphyscial application somewhat akin to your point number 2. I was attempting to give a direct example of how this can actually happen and change the way we think and approach situations. I hope that in future I can make my case with as much clarity as you have shown, so that the point I intend to make is more clearly understood.

Your point number 7 for me strikes to the heart of the matter, and where I love to see this discussion go. Needless to say I have something to say on this matter but want to hear some other perspectives first. It is a big question. Is a clear understanding of how the physcial lessons learned are transmutable to a metaphyscial understanding of our life's most inner activity? And an even bigger question then is, how can we (if we can) transmit this understanding to others?


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Enjoy the journey
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