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Re: Iriminage and Gyaku Iriminage

Cedric Healy wrote: View Post
Hi all.

In his book "Four Diamonds, 1024 Basic Transitions & Counters of Aikido" author Nev Sagiba lists "The Sixteen Keys" of Aikido, being 16 basic techniques.

I understand what all of the techniques are except that I don't know what the difference is between two on the list. I know what Iriminage is, but what's the difference between Iriminage and Gyaku Iriminage?

Can someone explain this to me please? Couldn't find any videos that were enlightening.
Dear Cedric,
Not seeing your book I cannot say for certain what you are querying.Irimi Nage is the method oof throwing a partner by entering into the partners centre and throwing you partner.Gyaku [Hamni ] irimi nage means that the partner has a Gyaku posture [left hand of uke to right wrist of Tori and vice versa,]then irimi nage can be executed by tori at jodan [upper level , chudan[middle level ] and gedan[lower level] as required.
Hope this helps, Joe.
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