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Re: Aiki Ken and Ken justu

Aleksandar Miketa wrote: View Post
No one is going to fight with the real swords :-))
But what I meant is this:
Is Aiki Ken just a form which is not useable with real katana.
Or can it bee zsed with real katana?
There are some people practicing aikido that can be trusted "real" katana. They usually have training outside of aikido. Most of us, especially me, should never be allowed near anything with sharp edges. So, we do aikiken with boken and simulate knives with tantos. That's a huge difference no matter how seriously you try to simulate the real thing. Most folks can use a sword, surviving a hostile encounter is a completely different matter.

The aikiken training I've seen really doesn't compare well with European fencing classes as far as training in using a weapon. My exposure is very limited though. If I wanted to really learn to be the toughest thing around with a really sharp blade, I'd first sit down, have a drink and stop watching old Japanese movies. Then I'd try to return from fantasy land.

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