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Re: 9/11, an Aiki Perspective

I enjoyed that very much, thank you! That was a wonderfully balanced description. I often find myself stuck between two groups of friends. On one hand I have friends who have a kind of blind loyalty and cannot seem to see the areas of blame we as a nation are due. On the other hand I have friends who seem only to see those errors. It always takes a lot of effort to show the validity of the "other's" stance in the minds of each "side." You seem to bring both forth with so much ease, it's very refreshing for me. Thank you, again!
We must not allow people to trade one baseness for another. Those who would hurt the innocent in their pursuit of the guilty seem only to fuel further baseness in response. We must hold one eye to the possibility of battle to be prepared for any which may arrive on our door-step; and we must hold one eye to peace so we may heal the wounds we can. Maintaining the balance is damned hard...and is one of the reasons I believe martial arts like Aikido can hold a unique position to help the situation.
So yet again, thank you very much!
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