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Re: Spiritual Power

Oh the beauty of semantics. Allow me to clarify. That codition or state of affairs or position people call power I do not.

That means I do not give that same thing that label.

Now if someone wants to assume I am saying that condition is not there then they are sadly mistaken.

The differentiation of power being different to power proud I like. That should get some differentiating.

I merely ask people to throw away that word and then they may be surprised at what they learn.

If I throw someone across the dojo with one finger and they say that was power I say no it wasn't.

Now here is another perspective to chew on for anyone interested.

If a person can do something , lets say lift a bus with one finger to be be nice and ridiculous, then others may say that shows great power. However if he can do it every time at ease the to him it is just normal, it's nothing.

Thus I don't use the word power, plus it is a word ego just loves.

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