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Re: Discussion of Spirituality from an Aikido Perspective.

I must say I like Georges post. Being on the spiritual side of Aikido, at least promotion wise, I am seen by some as not technically aware.
The complete opposite is true. However this is not really about that it is more to do with peoples perceptions or assumptions and I am guilty of letting them have them and not interfering.

When people talk about a group of zen practitioners or yoga or some other spiritual discipline stepping on the mat and being surprised that they had a harder time as students I thoroughly agree.

In fact I would say I am more of an expert on this than nearly everyone on this forum.

This fact is one of the reasons I loved Aikido. As I explain to all spiritual people who come to me to see what I mean when I tell them Aikido will give you more reality on what you already believe in.

The beauty of Aikido for me is a simplicity referred to by George and if I'm not mistaken positively shouted about by Dan in one context and that is this: The truth of spiritual aims of oneness, meditative stillness, universal love etc. are quite easy to get a feel of through various forms of meditation but to maintain it whilst facing and handling an opponent is the true test.

Thus for me it is a great vehicle for those following a spiritual path.

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