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Re: Where did O-Sensei get his sword training?

Just like aikido, there is selective rewriting of history in TSKSR, as the '"single shihan system" was not true in previous generations. In fact, in the earlier part of the 20th century, all of the following were shihan under Isaza Morisada: Yamaguchi Kumajiro, Kamagata Minosuke, Tamai Kisaburo, Shiina Ichizo, Ito Tanekichi, Kuboki Sozaemon, Isobe Kouhei, and Hayashi Yazaemon. Hayashi was Otake's teacher. Sugino studied primarily with Tamai, Kuboki, Ito and Shiina at the Kodokan from 1926. Tamai, Shiina and Sugino were TSKSR's representatives to the Kobudo Shinkokai, founded in 1935. Sugino was one of the TSKSR representatives selected to present Japanese budo before Adolf Hitler.

Otake studied with Hayashi Yazaemon (1892-1964), starting at the age of 16 in 1942. In other words, Sugino was already one of the most prominent budoka in Japan, when Otake was nine years old.

If Otake and Ueshiba met, the young man would hardly have been on his radar - there were no political issues anyway, at that time, in TSKSR, and Otake would have simply been a kid in Chiba, unknown outside his own neighborhood.

NOTE: I know full well how political the discussions on TSKSR can get. Otake sensei was brilliant, and if the last soke felt that his ryu was best served by a single shihan designated as the "carpenter's rule" of the school, that was his right. But Sugino's menkyo was never revoked (nor, other than some heinous crime, could it be, as it was bequeathed by a previous soke). Currently these two factions are reunited, fwiw.

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