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Re: Where did O-Sensei get his sword training?

Oh, and I want to explain my initial posts a bit more. I'm told that koryu people can look at someone and tell what koryu that someone has studied. In other words, a Kashima ryu person doesn't look or move like a Katori ryu person or an Itto ryu person.

If you look at videos on youtube of koryu and look at videos of Ueshiba, Ueshiba does not move or look like any koryu.

Add to the above that Ueshiba was taught Daito ryu aiki and that changed how he moved and used weapons.

Ueshiba never studied a koryu long enough to have that koryu mold him, change him. But, Ueshiba studied Daito ryu aiki long enough to have that mold and change him. Ask any koryu person (who has had a bit of time in) if they think that someone with less than 5 years of study knows the art? That this person of less than 5 years study is indicative of the art? Now, think about Ueshiba's studies of sword.

Could Ueshiba have picked up something from other places or people? Yes, definitely. But it would have all been viewed from aiki. As Ueshiba would say, we would do it this way with aiki.

Trace aiki back and you find Takeda.
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