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Re: aikikai yudansha exam cost

Jørgen Jakob Friis wrote: View Post
On a different note: How about kyu gradings... should they come at a price? in my dojo they are free. I'm not running a money machine here... however I am thinking about charging a small amount to pay for the diplomas. Any thoughts?

Jørgen Jakob
Well, in my dojo, the kyu gradings also come from the Hombu, with a diploma signed by Doshu. The cost is 1050 yen, which is about 10 Euros. Actually the wording on the kyu grade diplomas is slightly different from the wording on the dan diplomas up to 5th dan and this wording is slightly different from the wording on diplomas from 6th dan upwards. The differences hang on the Japanese verb used to award the diploma.


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