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Re: aikikai yudansha exam cost

I agree that a it should be taken into concideartion to change the pay according to home country, but I would not think this to be very likely to happen.

On a different note gradings by recommandation is by far mor expencive than regular gradings, and as I understand it the whole bag of money goes directly to hombu dojo whereas half stays with the national renmei when it's a tested grading.

That seems quite odd. I hardly expect the paperwork to more time consuming for the good people at the hombu dojo when it's a recomandation grading, so.... why? can anybody give a hint?

Anywho... I'm preparing my 2. dan grading which will hopefully happen in late november, and comming from a fairly rich country it's not that big a deal to find the money. However once we get to 4th and 5. dan it's gonna cost a small fortune. This however is not something I spend a lot of time thinking about now that I realize that I am in a far better position that a lot of other aikido-ka' out there. I feel really sorry for those who have a lower income than what we have her in DK. It must take effort and a lot of hard work to find the money for practice and gradings, so my hat's of to you guys out there.

On a different note: How about kyu gradings... should they come at a price? in my dojo they are free. I'm not running a money machine here... however I am thinking about charging a small amount to pay for the diplomas. Any thoughts?

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