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Re: Where did O-Sensei get his sword training?

I would like to again point out to you that this stuff is widely known. Knowing in/ yo is Ying/Yang, knowing what the Samurai arts were, what they are called, and that your art is not one of them. Knowing what your founder did, knowing he was reciting Japanese and Chinese axioms as his doka and his internals and aiki are in keeping with a broader Asian model is getting to be more of a requirement to be conversant and professional.

Teachers really.....seriously need to get up to speed on this stuff. They owe it to their students. Gone is the day of dazzling a student base in a closed dojo who largely had no access to information. It's crucial to understand what the art was and is, and it makes people sound more credible when they open their mouths to an educated audience. Its going to get more and more embarrassing if they don't at least know that what they are saying has...oh thousands of years of history behind it and their students googled it and the teacher was the dumbest one in the room.. And its worse when the information is so readily available to the teacher!!
I mean...ouch!
A word to the wise is sufficient, as this scenario is already playing itself out in dojo all over.
Just Say'n

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