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Re: Where did O-Sensei get his sword training?

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And even though it grates on people, the answer is still -- pretty much all the martial skills and abilities about Ueshiba can be traced back to Takeda.
I don't think that is true, Mark. IP and aiki most certainly, but he wasn't frozen in time. He had plenty of exposure to other things. I even think his aiki grew, as did everyone elses.
Ueshiba *was* a Daito ryu man, through and through. From Takeda to Sagawa to Horikawa to Ueshiba, they all talked about the same things. Just because Ueshiba took some of the spiritual stuff a bit farther than the rest, doesn't mean Ueshiba created something "new". He did exactly like Sagawa and Horikawa did ... they all said they went in different directions from their teacher.
While true, that is attributable more to his aiki and movement, then to his waza. He changed the practice greatly. Some think for better, some for worse. I think he made improvements in some areas, not in others, but that's just opinion. Aikido is not DR that is for sure, although a very intriguing discussion can be had behind closed doors as to what Takeda looked like in person and on film. Maybe...just maybe, Those two were not as different as some would like to think.

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